NSSG Agreed Dataset
   Name Position Date Agreed Review Date  
   Mr Sean Duffy NSSG Chair Aug 2012 August 2014
   Dr Matt Walsh YCN Board Chair - August 2014

    The agreed dataset currently consists of 2 sections:

  1. Cancer Waiting Times

  2. All Trusts are collecting the full Going Further on Cancer Waits dataset as published in DSCN 20/2008

  3. Cancer Registration Dataset

  4. The mandation to collect the cancer registration dataset was published in the Cancer Reform Strategy and subsequently included in the National Contract for Acute Services.

    All Trusts are now submitting the full cancer registration dataset electronically to the Northern and Yorkshire Cancer Registry and Information Service (NYCRIS).

    Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD)
    Now that the Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset has gained ISB approval (http://www.isb.nhs.uk/documents/isb-1521/amd-64-2010) with first submission due from January 2013 all Trusts are now working towards this mandatory collection and submission. This will replace the cancer registration dataset submission.


  • Each Team is responsible for collecting the sections of the dataset that relate to their direct management of the patient.

  • All data items should be collected at the most relevant part of the patient pathway.

  • Core MDT members should provide appropriate clinical input for MDT data collection by co-ordinators/data managers.

  • Data should be stored in an electronic format to allow upload into approved national systems and databases.

  • Storage and transfer of patient identifiable information should adhere to all relevant National guidance and also local Trust policies.

  • When a patient is referred between Teams for specialist investigations or treatment then it is the responsibility of the specialist MDT Team to transfer the relevant dataset they collect during their care of the patient back to the referring MDT Team.

  • For the purposes of the NSSG audit programme it is the responsibility of each Team to report all patients that begin their cancer pathway in their Trust even though the patients may not receive their specialist treatment from that first Team. This is why the data transfer policy is of particular importance.

  • The situation is slightly different for Cancer Waiting Times (CWT) data collection.

  • If the patient is an Urgent GP Referral (2 week wait or Urgent Suspected Cancer) then the Trust that receives that referral and first sees the patient is responsible for collecting and uploading the appropriate CWT dataset.

  • Trusts are also responsible for uploading the treatment section of the CWT dataset for all patients they provide first treatment for.

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